Root Canal

If you’re suffering intense dental pain, we want to help. We may be able to completely relieve that pain in a single appointment and get you on the road to recovery.

People joke about root canals as if they’re terrifying, but once patients have one, they see that they go by fast. We’ll keep you comfortable throughout your pain-relieving procedure. The immediate relief of dental pain can be such a positive experience that patients can even start to appreciate root canals.

Dental pain can be caused by an infection that could spread to your other teeth any time, which would lead to more difficult, expensive procedures. Schedule an appointment with Kocian Family Dentistry to protect your dental health, along with your bank account.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain often comes from tooth infections in the root canal. That means that a colony of bacteria are growing in the inner chamber of your tooth where sensitive nerves and tissues are. The bacteria might cause a pocket of fluid to gather, putting intense pressure on your nerves.

If you have an infection, you might also have:

  • Facial swelling.
  • Red or swollen gums.
  • A strange, unexplained taste in your mouth.
  • Intense tooth pain that won’t stop.
  • Pressure in or around a tooth.
  • A fever.

Do you have one or more of these symptoms? It’s important to come in for an exam to prevent more dental problems. If you have an infection, we don’t want it to spread or cause irreparable damage to your teeth.

What Are Root Canal Services?

The root canal is the internal chamber of your tooth. In a root canal procedure, Dr. Kocian will clean the infection out of your root canal area. The procedure includes:

  • Keeping you safe and comfortable with proven sedation dentistry techniques.
  • Cleaning the bacteria and infected tissue out of your root canal.
  • Filling the root canal with a sanitary material.
  • Sealing and covering the tooth to help you chew with it normally again and protect it from infection.

A root canal can give you tremendous relief in a short time. It’s one of our favorite ways to make our patients feel great and protect their health!

Call Kocian Family Dentistry if You’re in Pain

If you may have a root canal infection, don’t let your tooth get permanently damaged!. Dr. Kocian has performed many root canal procedures. He can relieve your pain and protect your teeth quickly and safely. Call us today for an appointment!